Dear Greenville Resident,

With your continued support and involvement, the City of Greenville continues to grow and our central city areas continue to redevelop. City leaders work diligently to strategically plan for our future. However, it is important that we plan appropriately using the input of residents regarding their needs, desires, and priorities.

With that in mind, we ask that you take time to complete the enclosed survey to help us gather feedback on a wide range of issues that impact our quality of life. To ensure that Greenville's strategic goals are aligned with the priorities of our residents, it is imperative that you tell us what you think. Share your thoughts on what the City is doing well, where it needs to improve, and where we should focus our efforts and resources.

Results of this year's survey will be compared with the previous survey conducted in 2013 to gauge how well the City is meeting the needs and desires of the residents. Additionally, Greenville's results will be compared with other university cities as well as regional and national benchmarks. The City Council will utilize the collected data during its annual planning session in January.


If you have any questions about this survey, contact the City of Greenville Public Information Office at (252) 329-4131. Thank you for helping us build a "Greater Greenville"!